Multi Stranded Copper Wire Flexible Cables Double Insulated Wire Rubber Cable

H05RN-F Rubber Sheathed Welding Rubber Cable Double Insulated for Flame Retardant, Heating, Welding Usage, electrical equipment under low stress in dry or damp indoor or outdoor environments, commonly used as connection cables in horticulture or workshop tools that might be subject to or in contact with oils and fats, Also suitable for fixed installation in furniture, decorative coverings, wall partitions, and prefabricated building parts.

60245 IEC 57 (YZW) Cu conductor EPR
Insulated: PCP sheathed rubber cable
Equivalent Type: H05RN-F
Rated voltage: 300/500V
Test voltage: 2000V
Conductor temperature: Max permission temperature in continuous use +60°C
Service temperature: -30°C +60°C
Core identification: 2cores/ Brown, Blue 2cores+earh(3G)/ Brown, Blue,+Green/Yellow 3 cores+earth(4G)/Brown, Blue, Black,+Green/Yellow 4 cores + earth(5G)/ Brown, Blue, Black, Black,+Green/Yellow.                                                                                                                                                  *Different Specifications can be customized according to your special requirements.